RFID in China

There are a number of outstanding companies and research groups in universities in the trend of RFID industry development of Guangdong Province. They have made tremendous contributions in the development of Pearl River Delta, as well as the National RFID industry.

Founded in 1993, with the grand RFID project in China Railway, Shenzhen Invengo Information Technology Co., Ltd. is the very first exploiter and dominant leader in Chinese RFID market. Invengo provides more than 60 models of UHF RFID products, including tags, readers, antenna and spin off products to customers in railway transportation, intelligent traffic, manufacturing, logistics, retail, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals and other industries.

Shenzhen Sense Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading RFID products and solutions provider in China. It owns 15 RFID patented technologies, 5 software copyrights, and is responsible for a ministerial-level scientific and technological achievements. Their products include RFID readers, electronic tags, antennae and related products.

Guangdong Tecsun Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is the most prominent manufacturer of RFID related products in China. Their registered capital is RMB 27 million. Their main businesses are smart card and related reader/writer products; IC card application solutions; and distribution of card printing machines. In 2008, their annual turnover was more than RMB 100 million, with an annual growth of 20%. They are one of the three largest smart card companies in China.

Zhongshan Tatwah Samartech Co., Ltd. was established in 1987, and has devoted itself to the development of hi-technological and intelligent products. It specializes in manufacturing non-contact smart cards and application electronics. They have also hold non-contact IC card production licenses, and four patents related to non-contact smart cards products. Their main products include multi-type, tactless sensing cards, smart cards, smart labels, and read and write modules.

There is also a significant involvement from universities in Guangdong Province to RFID technologies and applications. At Sun Yat-sen University, Prof. Tan Hongzhou leads an R&D team in a large number of RFID projects that include the development of tag anti-collision technologies and mechanisms for secure authentication.

In South China University of Technology, the focus of Prov. Lai Shengli and his RFID laboratory is studies of active RFID hardware, RFID applications and research on related technologies, RFID antenna and electromagnetic field research, and paper-based RFID tag antenna research.

There are other RFID research teams in Guangdong, such as Prof. Cheng Lianglun of Guangdong University of Technology and the Institute for Information Technologies in Jinan University. focusing on packaging equipment, RFID reader design, and 2.4G RFID tag chip design. Their projects are widely used in industrial production process automation .

A provincial RFID industrial park was established in the beginning of 2009. Several RFID companies including Invengo have moved into this park.